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รับสมัคร Sales ขายเฮลิคอปเตอร์ เงินเดือนเริ่มต้น 50,000 ขอ TOEIC 700+

บริษัท QHR Recruitment เปิดรับสมัคร Sales ขายเฮลิคอปเตอร์ ขอพิจารณาผู้สมัครที่เป็นนักบินและช่างเป็นลำดับแรก ขอ TOEIC 700 คะแนนขึ้นไป

บำรุงร่างกาย ผิวหน้า ให้พร้อมสำหรับสมัครงาน ต้อง Sharisma เท่านั้น พร้อมคูปองส่วนลด 200 บาท
Base Salary: ฿30,000-฿50,000 (Negotiable)
Monthly Allowances include: 
• Language Allowance (depending on TOEIC Score)
• Housing Allowance (THB 2,000)
• Meal Allowance (THB 1,000)
• Living Allowance (THB 1,000)

Working Day: 
Monday-Friday, 08.30-17.30 hrs.


  1. Sales activity of the Company’s commercial helicopters in the Sale Territory (Thailand and Southeast Asia & Pacific) and achieving the target annual sales, delivery and receiving payment for the commercial helicopters.
    (i) Sales:
    a. Continue sales activity to ongoing customer/projects.
    b. Find new sales customers/projects.
    c. Preparation of proposal materials and quotations in accordance with customer needs.
    d. Presentation, discussion and persuasion of potential customers including technical matters for sales of the Company’s Commercial Helicopters.
    e. Coordinating with sales partners, local agents and other organizations, persons related to the sales activity of the Company’s Commercial Helicopters.
    (ii) Execution of contract/delivery and receiving payment.
    a. Coordinating with the customer, the headquarter and concerned parties for smooth execution of the contract/delivery of the helicopter, related goods and services and getting payment from the customers.
  2. Coordination with relevant government agencies and any other local Civil Aviation Authority to introduce the Company’s Products and to support for the delivery, training and customer operation.
  3. Studying and evaluating the general helicopter market and forming ideas for marketing/ sales strategy.
  4. Communication with the Headquarters on a need basis for the sales activity and necessary clerical work.


  • Male/Female
  • Age 30 – 40 years old
  • Thai Nationality
  • Bachelor’s Degree or above in Aviation Engineering or Aerospace engineering or Aviation Technology or Mechanical Engineering or Electrical/Electronic Engineering or Electronic System
  • Good command of English is a MUST (TOEIC above 700)
  • Most prefer people with experience working in the Aviation, Space, or Helicopter Industries but not in the Customer Support section (e.g. Mechanic for helicopters but want to be a sales)
  • Experience selling delivery equipment such as in-flight TVs to airlines are very welcome to apply
  • Experience selling products such as fire engines, ambulances or plant/waste incinerators are also welcome to apply
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and good negotiation skills are required
เตรียมเอกสารสมัครงาน เอกสารที่ต้องใช้สมัครงาน มีอะไรบ้าง?


  • Social Security
  • Overtime Payment
  • Yearly Bonus (depending on the company’s profit and individual’s performance)
  • Mobile Phone (iPhone) for Working usage only
  • Language Allowance (depending on TOEIC Score)
  • Housing Allowance (THB 2,000)
  • Meal Allowance (THB 1,000)
  • Living Allowance (THB 1,000)
  • Travel Expense (THB 2,000)
  • Company’s Outing
  • Annual Health Checkup
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Other benefits based on the company’s regulations

สนใจสมัคร สามารถแอดไลน์และฝากเรซูเม่ไว้ได้ที่ Line ID: muk_qhr หรือส่งเอกสารสมัครงานไปที่อีเมล [email protected]


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