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Asia Atlantic Airlines รับสมัคร Ground Operations Officer

Ground Operations Officer

The ground service officer report to the station manager. Supervision is accomplished to the following area:

• Make plans and ensure sufficient number ground service officers are on duty to provide efficient services to passengers.
• For cases of irregularity, help ground service officer on duty to solve problem and make necessary decisions.
• Able to communicate and coordinate efficiently with related divisions and staff in other departments.
• Acknowledge company policies and correctly convey the message to all subordinates.
• Supervision of ground service officers and ensure they do their work properly.
• Willing to assist and advise ground service officers.
• Reasonable and fair when give warnings or punish ground service officers who make serious mistakes.
• Promote and arrange training courses for ground service officers to improve work efficiency.
• Change duties of ground service officers to suit the services required from day to day.
• Approve revision of work procedures of Ground Service and Load Control Division.
• Report all cases of irregularity to superior within reasonable time.
• Communicate and coordinate with managers in relevant divisions so that the same information is received and same direction taken to carry out the duties.
• To ensure management continuity is maintained, during a period of his/her absence, due to sickness, leave, training or for any other reason, Ground Services Officer shall delegate his/her duties & responsibilities, in writing, to a competent person.

Qualification Requirements

• Bachelor Degree in any field,
• Minimum of 1-3 experience or knowledge in aviation ground handling services or related industry.
• Must be fluent in writing/reading and speaking both Thai and English
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Must have safety and security awareness.
• Results driven with particular emphasis on customer service standards and exploring new marketing opportunities.
• Mature with above average leadership skills.
• Exceptional negotiator with wide industry experience in negotiating.
• Knowledge in Microsoft Office.
• Able to work shifts and/or roster.
• Team player and when asked to, have potential to lead.
• Capable to handle stress and work under pressure and / or deadline.
• Able to take charge when the situation calls for.
• Decisive within limits of job description.
• Able to think out of the box and / or be flexible when the situation calls for.

Interested applicants who meet above requirement please send resume to E-mail: [email protected]


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