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AEPS Thailand เปิดรับ Aircraft Technical Consultant เงินเดือนเริ่มต้น 40k+

AEPS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Aircraft Technical Consultant (Junior) รายละเอียดดังนี้

  • The Candidate shall be Thai Citizen
  • Confirmed communication and English command
  • Salary Range: starting 40k THB + bonus

Core Competencies

  • Customer-focused and adaptable in approach
  • Ability to understand, interpret and apply regulatory requirements
  • To have a professional and calm demeanor
  • Demonstrated problem-solving ability
  • Highly motivated, innovative, and competent personality
  • Having the capability to set priorities, goals, and objectives and to develop Project Plans to achieve them

Job Description

The Aircraft Technical Consultant provides technical expertise and consultancy to the Customer or on behalf of the Customer during aircraft transition or maintenance projects, asset review, or any projects that require the presence of a Technical Consultant.

  • Pre-purchase / Pre-Lease survey (o/b of Lessor or Airlines)
    • Examine aircraft/engine records and all relevant data, and conduct a thorough physical inspection of the airframe/engine. Issue a technical report to state the condition witnessed.
  •  Annual / midterm asset audits (o/b of Lessor)
    • Annual and interim inspections of aircraft and engines and data.
  • End of lease support (o/b of Lessor)
    • Supports a smooth transition, provides audits and verifies compliance with agreements in line with budgets and timelines.
    • Perform airframe/engines physical inspections, such as general visual inspection, external accessories status check, etc.;
    • Witness Engine Borescope Inspections performed by Third Parties;
    • Assist and manage any required maintenance task,
    • Review of airframe and engine records, issued by airlines, maintenance organizations, and third-party companies;
    • Prepare reports and paperwork as required;
    • Review and prepare work scopes
    • Update the findings list / both physical and records / and coordinate the corrective actions with all the stakeholders
  • End of lease support (o/b of Airlines)
    • Advise the Airline in order to reduce the cost of the redelivery and ensure that the process complies with the conditions of the lease agreement and its exhibits.
    • Assist the Airline in the Technical Records preparation (statuses, statements, binders) and update
    • Be the interface between the Airline and the Lessors
    • Assistance to the Airline technical onsite reps
    • Assistance to the Airline records team
    • Attend the daily meetings with the AMO/AIRLINES REP/LESSOR
    • Act as the representative of the Airline and its interest
    • Monitor the findings list / both physical and records / and answer & coordinate the corrective actions with all the stakeholders
  • Aircraft Maintenance Check Supervision (o/b of Lessor or Airlines)
    • Provide onsite representation at the AMO facilities on behalf of the Lessor or Airlines
    • Be the interface between the Airline / Lessors and the AMO
    • Ensure that the tasks performed by the AMO are as per the contracted Work Order / Work Package, and quality/maintenance standards
    • Validate the additional works raised by the AMO
    • Attend the daily meetings with the AMO
    • Act as the representative of the Airline and its interest
  • Other duties may be assigned subject to the Consultant’s workload. In fact, if the Consultant is not assigned to a project, he/she will assist AEPS continuing airworthiness department on continuing airworthiness management duties in accordance with the current needs/workload or ongoing projects.
  • Confirmed communication and English command
  • Adaptive and customer-oriented mindset
  • Leadership and versatility
  • Eager to learn and evolve in an international environment and travel


  • In possession of a valid EASA Part 66 License,
  • And/or holder at least of an aeronautical degree or national equivalent
  • Formal aeronautical maintenance training
  • The proficiency level of English

Minimum Experiences

  • At least 5 years experience in a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization or Technical Services environment
  • Including minimum 3 years experience in a position with appropriate responsibilities

Knowledge / Skills

  • Confirmed communication skills in English, plus Thai and/or French is an advantage,
  • Confirmed knowledge of commercial transport aviation, including leasing, safety and airworthiness,
  • Confirmed knowledge in civil aviation authorities regulations,
  • Confirmed knowledge in current aircraft maintenance planning systems and techniques,
  • Confirmed knowledge in aircraft systems and operations,
  • Strong in customer relations and support,
  • Be knowledgeable about the contractual obligations of the position and also the AEPS instructions, procedures and manuals,
  • Competent in handling IT applications, including Microsoft Suite.


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