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Nok Air เปิดรับ Operations Control Center Manager

งานสายการบิน มาใหม่ สายการบิน Nok Air เปิดรับสมัคร Operations Control Center Manager ขอประสบการณ์ 8 ปีด้านงานบริหารการบิน

Job Highlights
– Operations Control Center Manager
– Operations Control Center
– Flight Dispatcher


  • Supervise at policy level regarding daily schedule planning and aircraft utilization (72 hrs. before actual flight basis).
  • Supervised and control of all flights, operational control functions, and other associated activities.
  • Issue and revise flight schedules, and allocate time slots at each airport to conform to business requirements, the company’s operation policy, aircraft maintenance program, and passenger seasonal demand.
  • Supervise the negotiation to allocate/rotate, reschedule, and cancel operations in accordance with the availability of aircraft and flights to mitigate conflict/problems arising when Nok Air’s aircraft cannot operate normally and plan how to handle the affected passengers until they arrive at their destination safely.
  • Oversee and govern operation resources (FDP/OPC) on a workload basis to meet working hours and rest in shift work to meet company policy in lieu of regulatory requirements and manageable/agreement with OCC staff.
  • Planning Annual budget and presenting to the account as well as Monitoring the status of budget spending/activity that’s suitable
  • Coordinate with governmental units for information and permission so that the company can operate the air transport business smoothly and meet its objectives.
  • Preparing all documents and processes to ask for approving flights (Daily scheduled flights, Non – scheduled flights, Cancelled flights, and Changing scheduled flights)
  • Oversee working environment to comply with the environmental requirements for workers according to state authority labor department.
  • Where there may be jurisdiction and or authorization so required by law, please refer to Company Power of Attorney
  • Oversee Flight Dispatch Training to meet CAAT requirements
  • Liaise and coordinate with civil authorities, equipment manufacturers, and other relevant external entities on Flight Dispatch matters.
  • Liaise with the internal and external operations coordination department relative to the impact of operational control upon operations coordination activities and requirements.


  • Bachelor’s graduate in a relevant field or have experience in aviation management
  • 8 years experience in aviation management
  • Business Computer, English Language, Logical thinking, leadership skills, presentation skills, coaching, mentoring, and good interpersonal skills
  • Being circumspect, having good interpersonal skills, having creativity and initiation, having service-minded
  • Having general aviation knowledge, air law, and aviation management

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