Nok Air รับสมัคร Material Logistics and Warehouse (Aircraft Parts)

สายการบินนกแอร์ Nok Air เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Material Logistics and Warehouse (Aircraft Parts) รายละเอียดดังนี้

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Job Highlights
– Aircraft Part Logistics & Warehouse
– Familiar with Store Management System
– Having knowledge of tools & Equipment of aircraft

Job Description

  • Directs, coordinates and plans the warehouse storage and distribution of the products and materials within the company;
  • Ensures that all aircraft parts/ tools/ equipment are in proper and serviceable condition; including supported with approved documents during receiving inspection;
  • Ensures that all aircraft parts/ tools/ equipment are properly stored and segregated;
  • Manages for parts shipping and logistic to ensure that aircraft parts safely arrived on time;
  • Liaises with suppliers and component repair agency for issues related to parts and materials;
  • Ensures adequate corrective actions from quality audits;
  • Sets up, controls and monitors minimum stock and update in Envision program;
  • Establishes and monitors shelf life control program;
  • Prepares details of scrapped parts for approval;
  • Other tasks as assigned by Technical Quality Manager.
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  • Diploma or Bachelor degree with related fields;
  • For Aircraft Part Receiving Inspector, should have  at least 2-year experiences in aviation;
  • Having related work experiences would be advantage;
  • Good negotiation skills and team player;
  • Having knowledge of tools & Equipment of aircraft;
  • Familiar with Store Management System.

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