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Thai Smile Airways รับสมัครตำแหน่ง Duty Manager 1 ตำแหน่ง ณ สุวรรณภูมิ


• Male or Female
• Age above 30 years old
• Bachelor Degree in any field
• 5 years of Airline Industry background
• Experienced in Supervisor position at least 3 years
• Attended Aviation Security and Dangerous good regulation Training
• Knowledge in Amadeus Altea Departure Control system and World Tracer system will be an advantage
• Good level of proficiency in MS Office suite of products including well developed Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
• Good command of both spoken and written English will be an advantage.
• Toeic score at least 500 points
• Pro-active and responsible, comfortable working autonomously as well as in a team environment
• Hard-working, ability to work independently, flexible and meet deadlines
• Able to travel on service journey to provincial and international stations 

Job Description
1. Develop and maintain high standards of service at Bangkok, International, and Provincial stations.
2. Establish and maintain various local procedures as required by Company instructions, e.g. Local Emergency Response Manual, Local Load Control Procedures, etc., and be responsible for the proper application of these instructions.
3. Establish and maintain efficient cost control by managing the station work through effective planning and the best utilization of existing available resources.
4. Ensure that all staff members to be kept informed of every change and new development in the company. Conduct on-going training to ensure that all staff complies with correct procedures as contained in our company manuals. Also stress the importance of service attitude and teamwork among staff as well as supervise staff discipline, conduct, and appearance.
5. Ensure that close cooperation between the station staff and crew must be established in order to secure smooth and efficient handling of all Ground and Flight operation matters.
6. At stations with handling agent, monitor and supervise handling performance and make sure that they provide the services they are contracted to do in accordance with the valid Ground Handling Agreement. If not, all discrepancies must be kept reported to immediate superior for further appropriate action.
7. Develop and maintain an efficient flow of communication in order to develop close coordination with airport, town, and head office personnel to effectively solve problems causing irregularities. Be sure that Station Reports be promptly prepared and submitted to immediate superior whenever flight irregularities or delay occur.
8. When unforeseen problems or any irregularities occur, Irregularity Operation Advise (IRROP Advise Telex) shall be advised to en-route/intermediate/ concerned functions
9. Promote and maintain a good relationship with local authorities, other airlines, and the handling agent. Participate regularly in the local AOC Meetings or similar body. (The purpose of the Airline Operators’ Committee at international airports is to promote cooperation among airlines and to act as a representative for all airlines when dealing with third parties, e.g. authorities and handling agents to ensure smooth operations for airlines and passengers.)
10. Administer THAI Smile’s property and equipment falling under the jurisdiction of the station including reporting insurance damages and/or losses according to regulations. Ensure that all ground equipment is in good shape and working condition.
11. Establish and maintain a proper and efficient catering service in accordance with valid instructions and requirements. Ensure that physical inventories of equipment are taken as required, that catering equipment is stored in a suitable place, and that newspapers and magazines are loaded as required, and report any observations regarding catering and cabin services to Inflight Service Department (IS)



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