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Thai VietJet Air รับสมัคร Technical Quality Assurance Auditor

Roles and reaponsibilities:
• Provide support to QAM/ TQA Deputy Manager in regard to the auditing function of technical quality assurance, provide standards, processes and services to the airline.
• Audit and report about TVJ aircraft that are maintained that approved by CAAT, Manufacturer, or Vendors
• Ensure that certifying staff approval/authorization system is implemented and maintained for the control of staff approval/authorization worldwide
• Ensure that adequate records are kept for all works undertaken, for the required time scales, and in suitable conditions
• Perform audits and reports of AOC system and contracted (if any) organization’s procedures, contracted aircraft maintenance or contracted services ensuring that contracted services are in compliance with signed contracts enabling to TVJ operate in accordance with approved documents and standards
• Control and submit to CAAT for approving the foreign Technician licenses that are working for TVJ
• To monitor, supervise mandatory requests and changes of aircraft maintenance process
• Control aircraft documents, forms, procedure, Certificate of Authorization/Approval and stamps issued by TVJ
• Carry out the quality audit of the line station maintenance, A check
and C check
• Establish the quality assurance audit plan and performing the quality reports
• Perform necessary procedures that are related with the aircraft operating in according to CAAT regulation
• Prepare Certificate of Authorization/Approval to submit Director SSQA or his authorized person to approval
• Apply the aircraft delivery & acceptance process such as aircraft registration, Certificate of Airworthiness and Certificate of Registration to CAAT when new aircraft into Thai VietJet Air fleet
• Maintain appropriate technical records for SSQA Department
• Other audit follow-up tasks as requested by the Technical Quality Assurance – Deputy Manager, Quality Assurance Manager.

• Bachelor Degree in any fields or equivalent Aviation fields and being trained in basic aeronautical technical course are advantage.
• “No experience required (For fresh graduated); and Qualifications in Engineering/ Maintenance fields (preferred).”
• Proven background knowledge engineering and maintenance, safety management.
• Quality assurance and human factors.
• Quality Auditor Qualification. (preferred).

Contact: 02 – 111 5999 ext.2105
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