Thai Vietjet เปิดรับ Engineering Administrator Officer

สายการบิน Thai Vietjet เปิดรับสมัครพนักงานตำแหน่ง Engineering Administrator Officer

Job Highlights
– Coordinate with relevant department.
– Ordering office supply
– Advice payroll allowance summary of Engineering
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  • Coordinate with the relevant department.
  • Provide general administrative support to the Engineering department and staff team.
  • Collation and distribution of minutes, reports, and other documents.
  • Ordering of equipment, stock materials, and office supplies.
  • Advice payroll allowance summary that Engineering staffs entitled every month.
  • Collecting and preparing claim documents for cost charges ex. Ground handling charge
  • Monitor staff, vehicle, equipment, etc. ramp pass for renewal before the due date.
  • Any other relevant duty as assigned by the Director of Engineering.

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  • Bachelor’s degree or above (Aviation field will be an advantage)
  • Welcome fresh graduate
  • Age 22-29 years
  • Proven knowledge in Engineering / Mechanic or Technician is a plus
  • Computer skills and proficiency in excel, word, outlook, and access
  • Background in airline operations.
  • Teamwork-oriented and service mind


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