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Airbus เปิดรับ Administrative Support

งานสายการบิน มาใหม่ บริษัท Airbus เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Administrative Support ที่กรุงเทพ

Job Description

  • Contributing to plan and coordinate administrative procedures and systems and devising ways to streamline processes
  • Contributing to supervising a team of outsourced administrators based in different locations within Bangkok
  • Monitoring inventory of office supplies (eg: stationeries, beverages and etc) within budgetary control
  • Contributing to developing and implementing policies and procedures to improve operations and function of the department
  • Contributing to managing relationships with vendors and service providers
  • Maintain and order necessary office equipment and supplies, as needed
  • Provide general support & services to all Business units
  • Allocate available resources for all Office administrative scope


  • Proficient in MS Office or Gsuite
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities
  • An analytical mind with problem-solving skills
  • High dependable and trustworthy
  • Fluent in Thai

For more information, please visit Airbus

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