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งานการบิน งานสายการบิน งานสนามบิน นักบิน ลูกเรือ แอร์โฮสเตส สจ๊วต งานขนส่งสินค้าทางอากาศ Logistics แท่นขุดเจาะน้ำมัน งานราชการ รัฐวิสาหกิจ


Aviation Service Asia (ASA Group) เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Flight Coordinator (BA/GA) ทำงานที่สุขุมวิท ซ.16



– Complete work assignments in an accurate and organized manner.
– Produce the required volume of work within assigned deadlines.
– Practice cooperative, positive and flexible work habits and accept accountability for job responsibilities.
– Use sound, ethical judgment in solving problems and making decisions.
– Use effective interpersonal skills to develop positive work relationships.
– Use good communication skills in and between workgroups.
– Comply with required work schedules.
– Provide good internal/external customer service.


– Bachelor’s degree in any field
– Experience involving customer service, familiar with the aviation environment is an advantage
– Basic skill level using Microsoft Office
– Flexibility to work different hours as requested – INCLUDING Nights, weekends, holidays, antisocial hours
– Able to communicate well in English & Thai (speaking/listening and writing)
– Able to travel overseas

** Salary Depends on Experiences **

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