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บริษัท CAE Parc Aviation ต้องการกัปตัน B787 เพื่อบินให้กับ China Southern Airlines

CAE Parc Aviation are seeking rated and experienced B787 Captains on behalf of our long standing client China Southern Airlines

SalaryMarket Related
Job TypeContract
Aircraft TypeB787
ContactMarielle Machado

CAE Parc Aviation is recruiting Captains for a 4 year (renewable) contract and you can expect a salary of up to $21,000 USD (NET) every month. You will also have a chance to apply for a Reverse Schedule Pattern if you wish to be based outside of China (RSP bases are available in New Zealand and Europe).

Our local team who is based in China has been assisting and supporting pilots throughout the screening and contract period for the last 10 years and they look forward to meeting each and every one of you who goes through this challenging but exciting experience!

In order to apply, you must meet or exceed the below minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements

Total Time5000 hours
Total PIC Time2000 PIC hours on aircraft with a MTOW of 50 tonnes
PIC Time500 PIC hours on B787
Date of last flightwithin the last 6 months

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