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บริษัท CAE Parc Aviation ต้องการ First Officer เพื่อบินเครื่อง B777-787 ให้กับ EVA Air

CAE Parc Aviation are pleased to announce that we are recruiting non-type rated First Officers for our client Eva Air to fly the B777/B787

SalaryMarket Related
Job TypeContract
Aircraft Type320 Family / 733 (300-900) / 757 (200-300) / 777 (200-300)
ContactMarielle Machado

This is a great opportunity to gain experience on a wide-body aircraft, with no upfront cost for the type rating. 

Key Information

  • Contract Length: 3 years renewable 
  • Base: Taiwan
  • Roster: 8 block days off per month, can add annual leave days also
  • Accommodation provided throughout contract
  • Great travel benefits 
  • Health insurance, and loss of license insurance provided 

Minimum Requirements

  • 1,500 hours heavy commercial multi-engine, multi-crew jet. (MTOW >20 Tons)
  • Date of last flight within the last 12 months
  • Valid ATPL
  • 5 year of aviation flying experience or 2 years experience and hold a bachelor’s Degree 
  • Must have airline experience

Assessments are taking place every month with accommodation and flights on the network provided. 

If you would like to know more about this role please send your CV to Marielle Machado [email protected]

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