The NX Chapter

งานการบิน งานสายการบิน งานสนามบิน นักบิน ลูกเรือ แอร์โฮสเตส สจ๊วต งานขนส่งสินค้าทางอากาศ Logistics แท่นขุดเจาะน้ำมัน งานราชการ รัฐวิสาหกิจ


Lufthansa เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Personal Assistant ทำงานที่สุวรรณภูมิ ด่วน!



• Facilitate airline’s premium passengers
• Prepare paperwork e.g. passenger name tag, fast track coupon, immigration cards etc.
• Meet and assist VIP passenger at arrival gate on his/her incoming flight 
• Assist check-in VIP passenger at transfer counter
• Meet and greet VIP passenger at check-in area and facilitate check in activity
• Facilitate the passengers through immigrations / customs / screening points to the lounge / baggage area / the meeting points
• Coordinate with gate agent concerning the boarding time and assist the passenger to the boarding gate in due time
• Accompany passengers during their entire time at the airport, whether on arrival, before departure, or while waiting for a connecting flight
• Provide necessary information related to passenger’s itinerary
• Respond to any inquiries that passengers might have during the assistance
• Assist the passenger during irregularity situations
• Assist other customer airlines on their arrival flights if required
• Assist the passenger team in case of irregularities, delays, short connections etc.


• Male / Female
• Thai Nationality
• University degree
• Up to 26 years of age
• Strong communication skill in English and good command of third language is a plus (German, Japanese, Chinese etc.) 
• High level of service orientation Good perception and adaptability
• Well-groomed outward appearance
• Intercultural competence
• Good PC user know-how 
• Ability for shift work

Required Document

English Resume / Recent Photographs
Copy of Transcript and Education Certificate
Copy of TOEIC Certificate (taken within 1 year)
Copy of Thai ID Card
Copy of Military Certificate or Exemption
Criminal Record.

สมัครทางอีเมลเท่านั้น ที่ [email protected][email protected]
หัวข้ออีเมลดังนี้ ‘Application for Personal Assistantposition – (your name)’


The NX Master!