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Nok Air เปิดรับ Airline Revenue & Route Optimization / Pricing Analyst

สายการบิน สายการบิน Nok Air เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Airline Revenue & Route Optimization / Pricing Analyst ที่ดอนเมือง


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Engineering, Business Analysis, and Economics will have a preference;
  • 0-2 year experiences in quantitative analysis (Data Analysis)
  • Strong Knowledge of Statistic Models (Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis)
  • Strong background in using Statistic Software/Predictive Analytic Software, Database retrieval;
  • Strong numerical and analytical skills;
  • Excellent communication skills and experience in working with people at all levels;
  • Fluent written, spoken, and reading capability in English and Thai;
  • Highly analytical, passionate about detail/ number crunching, and strong ability to prioritize
  • Ability to adapt and work with new types of systems;
  • Experience in the aviation market airline background or revenue management would be an advantage.


  • Simulate revenue planning model to make strategic decisions and create profitable scenarios;
  • Guide team members to improve revenue optimization methods and enhance analytical skills;
  • Evaluate market performance with accurate forecasting to ensure targets are being hit from individual flight scale to total network;
  • Responsible for monitoring and managing flight inventory to maximize revenue for assigned markets;
  • Closely monitor competitor fares, schedules, & market activities to decide appropriate fares for sale;
  • Identify sales patterns to seek higher yield for peak demands from seasonality, holiday, &, etc;
  • Differentiate fares based on market segmentation & airlines products;
  • Create relevant reports with analytic reviews and be able to logically present the ideas;
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with Planning, Sales, Marketing, Finance & other teams to continually perform daily operations and improve their efficiency;
  • Complete overall RM administrative tasks with minimum errors and high punctuality;
  • Implement and modify fares with the best understanding of the airline pricing system; 
  • Negotiate with vendors to maintain airline leverages and benefits.
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