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สายไอทีจัดไป NokScoot รับสมัครตำแหน่ง Business Intelligence (Senior Specialist)


Develop Commercial Business Intelligence (BI) tool

  • Work closely with the vendor to expand and enhance NokScoot’s database to meet data analytics requirements.
  • Develop data visualization/dashboard templates using Microsoft Power BI to meet the commercial department’s reporting needs and requirements.
  • Conduct validation tests on data output to ensure accurate and precise results.
  • Monitor the dashboard performance and resolve issues promptly.

Data analysis, budgeting, and forecasting

  • Support Revenue Manager in drafting revenue budgets, updating revenue forecasts and conducting route feasibility studies.
  • Support Commercial departments with other data analysis needs.
  • Create schedule reports with monitoring business performance.
  • Perform ad-hoc business analysis and provide recommendations.

Fare filing and promotion planning

  • Implement and modify fares in the airline pricing system.
  • File fares to GDS, with authorities, and relevant partners.
  • Prepare promotion schedules and create promotion briefs. Review results with sales/ marketing.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Engineering, Business analysis, Economics or Computer Science will have a preference
  • Strong Excel, Office VBA skills and SQL coding skills required.
  • 2 years experience in developing Microsoft Power BI templates or working with other BI systems
  • Strong numerical and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills and experience in working with people at all levels
  • Fluent written, spoken and reading capability in English and Thai
  • Highly analytical, passionate about detail/number crunching and strong ability to prioritize
  • Ability to adapt and work with new types of systems

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