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PTTEP เปิดรับ Senior Engineer, Drilling สัญญา 1.5 ปี

PTTEP รับสมัครพนักงานสัญญาจ้างตำแหน่ง Senior Engineer, Drilling (1.5-Year Contract) รายละเอียดดังนี้

Job Purpose

Responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating drilling operations to improve the drilling performance, operational safety, cost control, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. The jobholder also initiates bidding and/or negotiating for third-party services contracts and ensures the quality of services.

Key Accountabilities

  • Prepare well designs, detailed drilling programs and budgets for the wells in accordance with company’s standards, based on the well objectives specified by the subsurface team
  • Review, track and analyse all of drilling operations and implement the solution to improve drilling operations in terms of time, cost and safety
  • Contribute to developing of the standard drilling instruction for exploration/delineation and development drilling activities and ensure that it is in line with Well Management System (WMS)
  • Contribute to the optimization and the cost reduction of exploration/delineation and development drilling activities while maintaining a high level of safety and avoiding any pollution.
  • Coordinate and liaise with service providers to assure continuity, effectiveness and efficiency of the operations.
  • Monitor and manage financial performance, minimize cost and rigs downtime, maximize performance, monitor and report profits and losses
  • Initiate bidding and/or negotiating for third party services as well as prepare and manage drilling contracts.
  • Ensure equipment and materials required for the drilling operations are specified in detail and ordered in time, complying with the Procurement and Contracting process and the Contractor Management System.
  • Visit designated operations area on frequent basis to foster safe operations and focus on performance.


  • Contribute to HAZID/HAZOP activities, SSHE reviews and follow-up of action items
  • Ensure that high SSHE standards and technical integrity is maintained in all designs and programs
  • Ensure the Drilling Program is in line with the SSHE Management System, Well Management System (WMS), Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Management of Contractors and Suppliers and the local regulatory requirements and provide input for improvement as required
  • Provide input for emergency response plans and risk management process by conducting risk assessments, prioritizing remedial actions and assigning owners for follow up.

Professional Knowledge and Experiences

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Minimum 3-year experience in drilling operations, including 2-year experience as Supervisor, Drilling Operations of offshore assets and offshore rig
  • Knowledge of performance optimization, supplier management, and materials procurement, service contracts, and SSHE for drilling operations
  • Good in written and spoken English skills

Additional Desirable Qualifications

  • Analytical and presentation skill


รองเท้าเซฟตี้ลดราคา เหลือรุ่นละ 1 คู่เท่านั้น คลิกที่รูปเพื่อสั่งซื้อได้เลย

รองเท้าเซฟตี้ V12 Footwear VR 620.01 Avenger IGS คู่สุดท้าย เพียง 800 บาท
รองเท้าบูท V12 Footwear E1300 Defiant คู่สุดท้าย เพียง 800 บาท
รองเท้าเซฟตี้ Dickies รุ่น TX Pro คู่สุดท้าย เพียง 1,000 บาท


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