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Siam Seaplane เปิดรับ Quality and Safety Engineer

งานการบิน มาใหม่ บริษัท Siam Seaplane เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Quality and Safety Engineer

As part of the Operations team and under supervision of the Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technical Officer, you will

  • Participate in the establishment of the Air Operator Certificate
  • Engage with the Aviation regulator and other relevant Government bodies
  • Pending appropriate experience, manage aspects of:
    – Quality Assurance
    – Safety Management System
    – Operation Manuals
  • Work with staff and management on any other areas of operations and the business, based on company’s need and personal skills and interest when capacity allow


  • Knowledge of Thai Civil Aviation law & regulations is required
  • Past experiences in general aviation or airline QA/SMS is required
  • Previous experience with:
    – EASA & FAA regulations
    – Flight operations
    – Operation manual review
    – Aircraft maintenance & training (Cessna C208EX)
  • Computer literate (e.g. Google Docs/Suite, Microsoft Office, Webmanuals)
    Strong interest in general aviation & seaplane operations
    High level of efficiency, accuracy, responsibility, and attention to detail
    Fluency in both Thai and English
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