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Turkish Airlines รับสมัคร Sales and Traffic Agent ประจำสถานีภูเก็ต

Turkish Airlines Phuket is now looking for Sales & Traffic Agent.
Do you want to become a member of rapidly growing Turkish Airlines? If you have the qualifications listed below, do not hesitate to apply.

Required Qualifications;

• Minimum university graduation in any field
• Age not over 35 years old
• Experience in aviation industry (minimum 1 year)
• Good command of English and local language(s)
• Team oriented and able to work independently and under pressure
• Positive attitude, good service minded and pleasant personality
• High patient skills and able to deal with unexpected situation
• Sense of responsibility and active
• Ability to make decisions accurately and effectively
• Ability to work on shift basis including night shift if required

Job Description;

1. To carry out Reservation/Booking, Ticket Sales, Information and Passenger Traffic (Check-in, Manifest preparation) services at the Sales Office / Airport Office or at both, as designated by the Sales Manager.
2. Calculates the fare and arranges the route as per requests of the passengers; provides information to the passengers in relation to schedule, fares (APT-ABC); and ensures the required coordination.
3. Performs reservation/booking for the passengers applying to the counter, in person; uses CRT, and performs ticketing.
4. Issues tickets for Domestic and International lines, MCOs (Manual Change Orders), Excess Baggage Ticket; changes such tickets; and performs the processes in relation to return of the same.
5. Performs Endorsement and Rerouting processes.
6. Welcomes the aircraft; and ensures coordination and communication by and between the crew, handling agent, catering, cleaning, air traffic, customs and immigration.
7. Ensures that all daily flight documents are prepared in full and complete; places the orders for daily catering service; and keeps any and all kinds of records in relation to the flights.
8. Performs reservation/booking; and files the post-flight documents accurately and in full; and performs statistical actions in respect of the flight coupons.
9. In respect of processes for Lost Baggage, ensures that any lost baggage is found and delivered to their owners, by ensuring coordination with the handling agent.
10. Reports ans registers any operational income-cost-financing and financial statistical information to the relevant IT systems such as SAP, ERP, DOP as required by the Management.

Interested? Please send your CV and a few words on why you’d like to join our team at [email protected] within 05 January 2020


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