Vietnam Airlines – A320 Captains

Job offer for A320 Captain with Vietnam Airlines

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  • Dynamic & exciting location – Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City base
  • Choice of Roster Patterns: 5×1,6×1,7×1,8×1
  • National airline
  • Proven contract for expats for 20+ years
  • Commute or Non-Commute – tickets on airline’s network available

Minimum Requirements

  • 3500+ Total Flight Hours and 1,000+ A320 PIC Hours
  • Last flight on A320 within 12 months preferred, but flexible if you have a valid type rating/PPC acceptable to the airline
  • Valid ATPL with valid A320 type rating, A320 OPC and a Valid Class 1 Medical
  • Height: above 165cm for males and above 160cm for females
  • Under 58 years of age for males and under 53 years of age for females

Only candidates meeting the minimum requirements will be contacted.


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