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Asia Atlantic Airlines รับสมัครตำแหน่ง Load Control Officer ด่วน!



• Minimum of High School Diploma and/or Vocational Certificate.
• Experience of 1 year or over in Aviation Industry (preferably with some Ramp Handling experience) and if possible holds the last position as either a Lead Agent / Senior position.
• Must be fluent in writing/reading and speaking English
• Knowledge in Microsoft Office.
• Able to work shifts.
• Team players and when asked to, have the potential to lead.
• Capable to handle stress and work under pressure and / or deadline.
• Able to take charge when the situation calls for.
• Decisive within limits of the job description.
• Able to think out of the box and / or be flexible when the situation calls for.

Job Description

• Liaises with Passenger Handling Duty Manager or officer, Cargo officer, Dispatcher, Ground handling, Pilot in Command, and Engineers on matters related to aircraft loading and dispatching a flight.
• Calculate, monitor, estimate zero fuel weight and send updates where required.
• Coordinate with the ground operation and cargo department to ensure that the final passenger figure, final baggage, and cargo shipment weight and volume are accurate and not exceeded allowed traffic load.
• Prepare manual Loading Instruction (LIR) in accordance with all applicable regulations and published limitations and ensure that completed manual Loading Instruction (LIR) has been signed by Ramp agent / Load Controller.
• Ensure that the latest edition of manual Loading Instruction (LIR) is given to loadmaster in case of a change.
• Before loading, ensure that all cargo restraints and nets are inspected and suitable for transportation, ensure that all load is secured when loaded.
• Supervise ground handling agent on-ramp operation for loading/unloading processes with safety, take necessary action, and make a report of any hazard/safety irregularities to Load Control Supervisor.
• Ensure that special load is loaded in accordance with the cargo hold system and NOTOC (prepared by the cargo department) is presented to the commander.
• Ensure that NOTOC has been signed by the commander.
• Generate manual Load sheet, Trim sheet within all operational limits, ensure that all documents are delivered on time and ensure that the commander has signed a manual load sheet.
• Amend manual loading instruction and manual load sheet in case of LMC.
• Ensure that all post-flight messages (LDM/CPM/UCM) are sent to all stations with accurate information after the flight departed.
• Monitors ULD’s condition, ensure that ULDs are serviceable and maintains ULDs stock in each station as per standard.
• Must follow flight when assigned or when you see fit.
• Initiates contact points for new airports concerning Load control including updates contact points to all concerned parties in case of any changes.
• Carry out any other duties assigned by Ground Manager, Duty Manager, and Load Control Supervisor.

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