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Budget Lines Cargo เปิดรับ Head of Security

งานสายการบิน เปิดใหม่ สายการบิน Budget Lines Cargo เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Head of Security

Duties And Responsibilities

AVSM reports directly to the CEO for the management, oversight and communication throughout the organization on all matters relating to

  • Management and development of the Security Management System (SeMS) and the relevant documentation
  • Providing independent advice to CEO and senior management on all security matters
  • Developing Security governance structures and committee systems
  • Monitoring and reporting Air Inter Transport Security Management System performance to AIT’s Board and to senior management.
  • Development of Air Inter Transport Emergency Response Plan
  • Leading Security Incident Investigation Team, including investigation into security incident/acts of unlawful interferences and recommend preventive and corrective actions to prevent recurrence.
  • Planning and organizing security training for staffs and service providers
  • Liaison with civil aviation regulatory authorities and industry bodies on the implementation and evaluation of security matters and authority requirements
  • Oversee the development of Air Inter Transport Security Programme.


  • Defining the Air Inter Transport overall security policy for acceptance by senior management
  • Developing and promulgating company-wide security standards and practices
  • Conducting an initial and comprehensive survey of aircraft operator facilities, equipments and activities, in order to determine security needs and assess likely threats.
  • Developing or modifying the Aviation Security Manual to correct deficiencies as necessary, and to comply with national laws and regulations of States in which the Air Inter Transport conducts flight operations.
  • Ensuring the Aviation Security Manual is current and has been endorsed by senior management and submitted to the appropriate authority for verification and approval.
  • Ensuring the continuing effectiveness of the Aviation Security Manual through regular evaluations and inspections, and by encouraging internal security audit processes, that is, the implementation of quality control functions.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective liaison with all relevant authorities and stakeholders, in order to contribute to the industry’s development of security systems and to comply with statutory requirements, taking into consideration the responsibilities of other relevant authorities with police functions.
  • Maintaining effective liaison with other departments, especially senior management, so as to facilitate the implementation of effective security measures throughout the company.
  • Advising on and managing all security systems in use by the aircraft operator, and advising senior management on all aspects of security
  • Promoting security awareness and vigilance
  • Ensuring an effective response by the aircraft operator to any threat or security incident
  • Initiating special security measures during periods of increased risk and/or for critical flights and routes
  • Maintaining familiarity with applicable aviation security-related legislation and regulations in the geographic areas served by Air Inter Transport
  • Maintaining a record of all unauthorized weapons or suspect explosive devices detected on the AIT’s aircraft or on property used by the aircraft operator; and
  • Reporting all actual or suspected acts of unlawful interference with Air Inter Transport to the appropriate authority
  • Administration of the SeMS, review and update the Security Manual (SEC)
  • Administration of the Threat Identification and Risk Management processes.

For others functions of Aviation Security Department, refer to AIT-AVSM

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