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Nok Air เปิดรับ Aircraft Engineer, Aircraft Planner, Ground Service Equipment, Logistics and Warehouse

สายการบิน นกแอร์ Nok Air เปิดรับสมัครพนักงานตำแหน่ง Aircraft Engineer, Aircraft Planner, Ground Service Equipment, Logistic and Warehouse

Job Highlights
- Aircraft Engineer, Aircraft Planner
- Degree or an aircraft maintenance technician
- Good in interpretation and liaison skills

Aircraft Engineer

  • Assists the Maintenance Division with the rectification of defects outside manufacturer manuals
  • Consults and liaises with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for issues related to technical
  • Establishes, updates maintains, manages, safekeeping, and revision of Drawings, Charts, Engineering Orders (EOs), Technical Instructions, and other technical documents to meet applicable regulations and requirements
  • Implements and maintains a reliability program, Engine Health Monitoring (EHM), evaluates and recommends improvements to support the maintenance of aircraft with regard to time intervals, and limits escalation.
  • Gathers world fleet information and liaises with aircraft/ component manufacturer and establish an effective preventive maintenance program
  • Daily monitors and schedule ADs, SBs and other airworthiness requirements for implementation on company’s aircraft and components and ensure that they are scheduled in a timely manner.
  • Summarizes and highlights a list of parts, tools, and equipment required for EOs embodiment to related functions for further preparation.
  • Assists Aircraft Planner to develop and update the Maintenance Schedule to ensure that they have complied with applicable regulations and requirements
  • Monitors and ensures that applicable component Maintenance Reserves are properly been utilized
  • Develops and updates structural damage chart to ensure that all necessary information is addressed to concerned persons.
  • Coordinates with relevant parties for Minimum Equipment List (MEL) to establish and amendment
  • Participates in the specification study and evaluation of new or leased aircraft/ major components.

Aircraft Planner

  • Procedures short, mid and long-term maintenance forecast for the aircraft fleet, engines, components and associated equipment and ensures that maintenance is carried in a timely manner.
  • Co-ordinates with Maintenance Division and applicable Contracted Parties for maintenance ground time, ferry and other requirements.
  • Develops and updates Maintenance Schedule to ensure that they are complied with applicable regulations and requirements.
  • Conducts work scopes, prepares work packages, determines resources requirements and pre-loads for line and hangar maintenance.
  • Monitors and ensures that applicable airframe Maintenance Reserves are properly been utilized
  • Controls, monitors and schedules non-routine and deferred maintenance activities, including MEL/CDL requirements as applicable.
  • Liaises with Approved Maintenance Organization for Base Maintenance for prepare maintenance check package and work input including verification of final package is correct according to Approved Maintenance Schedule.
  • Ensures that all task identified in work package are completely performed by Approve Maintenance Organization
  • Updates information from Technical Log Book into the system
  • Assists Certificate of Maintenance Review (CMR) Signatory Staff for records inspection

Ground Service Equipment

  • Repairs unserviceable Ground Service Equipment according to approved publication or contracted out repair work to approved service provider
  • Establishes preventive maintenance system for Ground Service Equipment control and monitoring
  • Plan for maintaining and calibrating tools and equipment to ensure they are always serviceable.
  • Supports related functions for necessary arranging tools and equipment

Logistic and Warehouse

  • Directs, coordinates and plans the warehouse storage and distribution of the products and materials within the company
  • Ensures that all aircraft parts/ tools/ equipment are in proper and serviceable condition; including supported with approved documents during receiving inspection;
  • Ensures that all aircraft parts/ tools/ equipment are properly stored and segregated;
  • Manages for parts shipping and logistic to ensure that aircraft parts safely arrived on time;
  • Liaises with suppliers and component repair agency for issues related to parts and materials;
  • Ensures adequate corrective actions from quality audits;
  • Sets up, controls and monitors minimum stock and update in Envision program;
  • Establishes and monitors shelf life control program;
  • Prepares details of scrapped parts for approval;
  • Other tasks as assigned by Technical Quality Manager.


  • A relevant degree or an aircraft maintenance technician qualification
  • Good knowledge of aircraft system
  • Familiar with Engineering system
  • Good in interpretation and liaison skills
  • Good command of English
  • Experience in related position would be advantage.
  • New graduates are welcomed

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