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Really Cool Airlines รับสมัคร Ground Safety Manager ที่สุวรรณภูมิ

สายการบิน Really Cool Airlines เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Ground Safety Manager

Regulatory Compliance / Accident Prevention / Monitoring / Development / Training

  • A. Assist Chief Safety in developing and maintaining contacts with authorities, organizations, and other airlines (e.g., CAAT, CAA, IATA, ICAO, AOT, etc.) necessary to ensure Company’s operations are in compliance with legislative requirements and established principles and standards governing safety and the provisions of the AOC;
  • B. Study ground accidents/incidents; generate regular reports on lessons learned for staff knowledge enhancement, as well as to increase safety awareness and efficiency;
  • C. Conduct research and development on ground safety matters with the aim to enhance ground safety as well as increasing the efficiency of ground safety processes;
  • D. Regularly review company policies and procedures, provide feedback, and recommend preventive measures and/or corrective actions; as well as to ensure compliance with company and regulatory requirements.;
  • E. Evaluate current practices and recommend new procedures and methods to improve safety standards;
  • F. Constantly monitor and review the effectiveness of corrective actions/strategies;
  • G. Ensure discrepancy reports of ground safety equipment and procedures are actioned accordingly;
  • H. Analyze safety reports, identify hazardous trends in operations, and take timely corrective action;
  • I. Conduct research & development on safety-related matters, evaluate ground safety reports for improvements and corrections, and:
    – a. Disseminate relevant information to all concerned;
    – b. Formulate Ground Safety Training syllabi in accordance with the approved regulatory &company requirements; and
    – c. Assist in the production of Safety Newsletters to include articles, materials, statistics, and reports collated concerning ground safety matters;
  • J. Participate in the formulation of Ground Safety training program(s) and assist in acquiring the required regulatory endorsement;
  • K. Develop and participate in the formulation of safety awareness programs, syllabi, and training programs and ensure their implementation for staff training;
  • L. Coordinate, administer, conduct, collate, and follow up joint regulatory(CAAT/OSHA/AOT/etc.) surveillance inspections periodically, as required;
  • M. Oversee the training program and audits carried out by Ground Safety Executives/Officers;
  • N. Carry out the implementation and maintenance of TAX ERP and ensure company ERP procedures, checklists, and forms are in place;
  • O. Carry out amendments to the Emergency Response Manual (ERM) and vetting for approvals;
  • P. Carry out yearly audits and tabletop exercises, as and when required with Station Managers, Handling Agents, and volunteers to test company ERP and ensure compliance with state local AEP; and
  • Q. Compile a report/debriefing of lessons learned after every drill/test/exercise of an actual crisis.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) and Evaluation

  • A. Ensure HIRA is carried out for:
    – a. Ground safety reports received;
    – b. Ground incidents and accidents; and
    – c. Any ground safety event or occurrence required;
  • B. Assist other departments in carrying out HIRA and/or evaluation on subjects(s) or items(s) required e.g., new equipment, destinations, routes, etc.


  • A. Investigate ground accidents and/or incidents involving company properties or personnel, as and when required, with the aim of prevention and/or avoiding recurrence;
  • B. Conduct Technical and Non-Technical investigation/inquiry of any ground safety-related event, as and when required;
  • C. Prepare and submit the investigation report to the CEO, Chief Safety, and all relevant parties; and
  • D. Follow up on feedback and corrective actions from all relevant parties.

Safety Audits

  • A. Organize, coordinate, and conduct necessary operational safety audits for the department as well as the company, as and when required, to ensure safety standards are being maintained and continuously exercised;
  • B. Perform periodic operational ground safety audits to ensure safety standards are being maintained and continually exercised; and
  • C. Perform scheduled audits on corrective actions submitted by relevant parties.

Relevant Duties

  • A. Attend regular departmental, regional, and Safety Review Board (SRB) meetings;
  • B. Assist the Engineering, Security, and Ground Operations Department in ensuring sections of Operations Manuals related to the Safety Department are updated accordingly;
  • C. To carry out the above activities through effective teamwork with other Corporate Safety Department personnel and perform such other reasonable duties as directed by Chief Safety; and
  • D. Under no circumstances, disclose any confidential, sensitive, or departmental information to anyone inside or outside the company, without the consent of either the Chief Safety or the CEO (e.g., personnel information, investigation or incident reports, etc.).

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