The NX Chapter

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Thai Vietjet Air รับสมัครตำแหน่ง Flight Crew Training Quality & Standard Supervisor

ตำแหน่งหัวหน้าส่วนคุณภาพและมาตรฐานการฝึกอบรมนักบิน รายละเอียดดังนี้

Role and Responsibilities

– Responsible for ground training, simulator training and flight training requiring any training which is based on the regulatory requirement.
– To ensure that all flight crew training programs are comply with updated AOCR and other standard requirement of state authority (CAAT). 
– Monitoring and updating regarding new authority regulations, company regulations and all standard requirements. 
– To ensure the compliance on requirement, regulations, standard, guidance and policy of training manuals. 
– Assist Instructor for establishing, revising and updating lesson plan, course syllabus, training material and examination which are based on the regulatory requirement.
– Monitor validity of an examination, training material, instructor and training course. 
– Responsible to ensure that training programs are performed and recorded as prescribed. 
– To ensure that all trainees are successfully completed appropriate training before performing his/her duties. 
– Responsible to ensure that only approved training materials and/or devices are used. 
– Preparing budget for flight crew training activities. 
– Ensuring that training records are maintained and achieved in accordance with the relevant procedures laid down in the company’s manual. 
– Monitoring and updating validity of flight crew qualifications (special subjects, RED BOOK, PPC Card). 
– Verifying and summarizing course result for report to CAAT and Director of Training Department.
– Conduct course and instructor evaluation to ensure standard and efficiency of training course. 
– Responsible to arrange flight training schedule for flight crew and instructors.
– Perform any tasks assigned by training management. 


– Minimum Bachelor’s degree.
– Minimum 3 years of work experience in flight operation of any airline. 
– Experienced in instructor would be advantageous.
– Training/teaching certification would be advantageous. 
– Ability to work independently with high comfort level working in a diverse environment. 
– High sense of coordinating with team members and other departments in the company. 
– Possess high integrity.



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