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Airbus เปิดรับ CSM-SSM Corporate

งานการบิน มาใหม่ สายวิศวกรรมอากาศยาน บริษัท Airbus Flight Operations Services เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง CSM (Customer Relationship Management) – SSM Corporate

Job Objectives

To develop proximity with the customer

  • As a focal point to accommodate various complaints and customer needs. Its main role is ensuring customer satisfaction for all services provided.
  • Perform customer visits and establish standard reporting. This reinforces the sharing communication.
  • Assist the Organization to understand Customer Expectations (identification of Critical to Satisfaction).

To show reactivity toward the customer

  • Find solutions and ensure problem-solving of customer complaints/needs.
  • Ask for support from other expertise fields inside the AH organization
  • Drumbeat the organization for a quick answer to Customer needs and expectations.

To anticipate customer needs

  • Develop customer intimacy.
  • Monitor and ensure agreed services/projects execution, is completed.
  • Monitor the global performance of our support & services.


  • Responsible for S&S Sales to assigned accounts
  • Lead and/or participate in the Front Office team for assigned accounts
  • Develop and execute Sales strategies and conduct all S&S sales activities for her/his accounts, including cash collection
  • Apply the commercial policy
  • Achieve booking targets and financial objectives (Gross Margin, Down payments, Cash collection) for the assigned accounts

Primary Responsibilities

As a focal point to accommodate various complaints and customer needs.

  • Interact with customers to collect more information needed to understand inquiries and identify the main issues of customer complaints/needs.
  • Direct the resolution of the problem to the appropriate party, and become a drumbeater to ensure order/service execution, is completed.

Ensure customer satisfaction

  • Dig information to understand customer needs, monitor complaints, and ensure customer satisfaction. On the other hand, s/he must also be objective in filtering all complaints/requests and providing relevant understanding to answer them and customers.
  • Analyze the problems/complaints, translate them into a clear big picture, prioritize issues, and direct the resolution of the issue to the right party.
  • Proactively provide input to anticipate potential problems that may arise and impact to customer’s operational business process in the future.

Find solutions to answer customer needs and complaints

  • S/he is not responsible to provide solutions, but s/he is responsible for finding the solution, as a drumbeater and directing the problem to the most appropriate party.
  • Perform as coordinator and collaborate with various related parties, internally and externally to ensure the needs are resolved.
  • S/he is not a decision maker but is required to explore any possibilities to solve the problem and direct it to appropriate parties. Review the situation, and calculate the risks and consequences of each action for customers and company, by considering the situation, constraints, and needs of customers.
  • Able to negotiate and convince to achieve a win-win solution for all parties (end user, Airbus), considering that there are things that cannot be fully provided.
  • Responsible for reporting service performance to the region, regularly.

Policy & Process

  • Apply commercial, pricing, and distribution policies & processes (ex: sales funnel, demand management)


  • Develop and submit to the Head of Sales S&S SEAP accurate forecast for the assigned accounts
  • Responsible for the accuracy and currency of data in CRM tools (Siebel…)

Offers & Sales

  • Responsible for S&S Sales campaigns for assigned accounts as per her/his mandate, including achievement of financial objectives (Gross margins, Down payments, and Cash collection).
  • Support the preparation of winning offers with accurate sales inputs — capture plan, sales strategy, strategic paper, win price, and drivers to customer satisfaction -based on market knowledge.
  • Negotiate and conclude contracts within the delegated mandate.
  • Escalate for approval by the relevant management (MD CC and/or Regional S&S Sales) deviations to the policies beyond the delegated mandate.
  • Responsible for cash collection.

Customer relation

  • Lead and/or participate in the Front Office team (Clear & Efficient Front Office) for the assigned accounts.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Responsible for the identification and measurement of all S&S Sales drivers of Customer Satisfaction 1.) for the assigned accounts

Business Development

  • Support Implementation of All or Regional Business Development initiatives. Provide return of experiences

BDSI, Business Ethics & Compliance

  • Apply Airbus Helicopters policy
  • Contribute to BDSI Files preparation

Offsets & Industrial participations

  • Identify local Offsets or Industrial Participation demands or needs
  • Propose orientations/guidelines for industrial participation and specific Offset solutions

Team Management

Where applicable and in collaboration with the relevant HR representative,

  • Lead and motivate the local S&S Sales Force.
  • Planned, reviewed, and manage local staffing, resource deployment, and utilization.
  • Conduct goals setting, performance evaluation, compensation, and incentives reviews.
  • Identify, assess, manage, and develop the required Regional competencies and skillsets; define development, succession, and retention plans.
  • Demonstrate, encourage, and develop Airbus Leadership Model behaviors and ways of working within teams.
  • Promote and live by the Airbus Values.

Personal & Interpersonal Skills

  • Master’s Degree in any major from a reputable university.
  • Being problem-solving minded, and eager to initiate actions to ensure project execution is completed.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction, but also consider win-win solutions for customers and the company.
  • Perform a broad consideration of the consequences of the proposed actions, including financial aspects and risks for customers and the company.
  • A team player, as s/he should coordinate and collaborate with various related parties, internally and externally.
  • Written & oral English fluency.
  • Written & oral Thai fluency

Professional skills

  • Have min 5 years of experience in the customer relation field, preferably experience in the aviation industry or maintenance service/support with governmental interactions.
  • Have min 5 years of experience in Supply chain or technical field.
  • Capability to be recognized as an expert and advisor to TAI ExCom and Leaders of the Thai Armed Forces
  • Having adequate insight into technical terms, helicopter’s main components, and understanding of related technical issues and their impact on fleet operations (s/he doesn’t need to be an expert).
  • Have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Perform strong negotiation, diplomatic, and convincing, and manage to be calm in responding to unpleasant situations and bureaucratic environments.

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