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Airbus รับสมัคร Site Reliability Specialist 2 อัตรา (Junior/Senior)

งานการบิน มาใหม่ Airbus เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Site Reliability Specialist 2 อัตรา (Junior/Senior)

Site Reliability Specialist - provides monitoring and deployment support for NAVBLUE Solutions. The purpose of the position is to ensure smooth operations of NAVBLUE Solutions by ensuring the reliability of systems via monitoring and resolution of failure events. The Site Reliability Specialist is expected to participate in improvements to Solutions to enhance monitoring, reliability, and deployments, favoring automation over toil. 

The Site Reliability Specialist will need to have a working knowledge of Operating Systems, Virtualization, Networking and Cloud based infrastructure, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This position is expected to use established procedures to analyze and resolve problems while working with some supervision. This position is expected to use established procedures to analyze and resolve problems.

NAVBLUE is based in Hersham (UK), Cardiff (UK), Toulouse (France), Waterloo, ON (Canada), Bangkok (Thailand), Malmö (Sweden), and Gdańsk (Poland) with other offices all around the world.


  • Monitor existing checks and escalate as required.
  • Investigate/solve reported errors and warnings, with escalation as required.
  • Recommends improvements to existing documentation/runbooks
  • Participates in root cause investigations and recommends permanent, long-term, fixes to issues assigned.
  • Uses existing infrastructure/process/procedures to perform Solution deployments.
  • Consulted by other teams for any items affecting monitoring & reliability of systems, including Service Level Objectives
  • Consulted in identifying improvements in day-to-day work and flagging areas of improvement to reduce toil (manual work that is repetitive, tactical, devoid of enduring value that scales linearly)


  • Experience in a technical support team or in a similar technical support environment
  • Some experience in scripting and automation of an asset
  • Some Experience in Cloud-based infrastructure is preferred.
  • Understanding of Operating Systems & ability to perform some troubleshooting required.
  • Understanding of general Cloud Technology concepts & ability to perform some troubleshooting required.
  • Understanding basic networking for enterprise environments required
  • Knowledge of Virtual Machine concepts and basic management of infrastructure
  • Demonstrated ability to identify the root cause of issues. Preferred if able to recommend permanent, long-term, fixes.
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Working knowledge of Windows domain administration, patch management, IIS management, and Group Policies
  • Working knowledge of networking, shell scripting, MySQL, MS SQL, DNS, XML, Perl, and Palo Alto firewalls an asset
  • Technical knowledge of web-based solutions

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