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รับสมัคร ผู้จัดการฝ่ายขาย Sales Freight Manager เงินเดือน 7-9 หมื่น

บริษัท S&S Talent Search Recruitment เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Sales Freight Manager ผู้จัดการฝ่ายขาย เงินเดือน 70,000-90,000 ทำงานที่พระราม 9 – ห้วยขวาง

Job Highlights
- Set target of each sales
- Prepare quotation to offer service
- Have skill sale air freight and sea freight


  • Set a target for each sale.
  • Coach and Monitor all sales activities to achieve the target.
  • Find out the solution to solve sales problems.
  • Share and update the market situation.
  • Prepare weekly/monthly/yearly reports.
  • Call and visit new customers to present our service, and also visit existing customers to gain more business.
  • Prepare quotation to offer service.
  • Closely coordinate with overseas agents to negotiate the rate and future sales opportunities.
  • Support and advise CS for smooth service.
  • Develop relationships with existing and new customers to gain more business.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or logistics.
  • 10 years of work as a freight forwarder and have experience in both freight and customs.
  • Good command of English both speaking and writing.
  • Good computer skills.
  • Good presentation, communication, and negotiation.
  • Self-motivated with a “CAN DO” attitude.
  • Multi-tasking, proactive, and able to work under pressure.
  • Strong team spirit and sense of ownership.
  • Have skills selling air freight and sea freight.

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