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Thai Smile เปิดรับสมัคร Marketing Communications & Branding Manager ขอ TOEIC 600


Job Description/Responsibility

 • Identify and implement marketing communications, social media and online content/media, public relations and Branding strategies to promote company products and services and to improve sales performance so as to achieve company target within a given marketing communication expense
• Enhance brand awareness of THAI Smile over domestic and regional destinations by executing all marketing, promotions, digital campaigns and public relations activities/events through any offline and online marketing communication tools
• Perform other activities as assigned with strong execution and management skills
• Keen on Media Planning & Buying & Barter & Product placement & Tie in and etc.
• Select and customize the communication materials; pamphlets, handbills, stickers, brochures, leaflets, banners and also, new route launches, activities as well as airport signage for brand visibility
• Track record of achievement (ROI & KPIs) in managing communication projects/campaigns, including demonstrated ability to plan, organize and implement then on target and within budget. 


• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Advertising, Journalism, Communication Art or related fields
• At least 7 years of working experience in marketing communications, social media and online content/media, PR & Corporate Marketing Communication and Branding strategy & Agency Experience preferred.
• Excellent command of written and spoken English &communicating in a credible and effective way
• Excellent organizational and analytical skills, with the capacity to work and produce results under pressure
• Good interpersonal and presentation skills, creative thinking, and energetic with a can-do attitude
• Computer literacy complemented by a sound knowledge or skills in MS Office and other documental management
• Minimum Toeic score of 600



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