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Unilode รับสมัคร Network Control Coordinator

บริษัท Unilode เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Network Control Coordinator ทำงานที่ Central World กรุงเทพ


  • Establish and maintain dashboard on state of network, including carrier and station view per ULD type on available inventory vs CCS demand to monitor ULD utilization and risk of service failures.
  • Proactively coordinate, drive and monitor network operations adherence to agreed network CCS per ULD type and proactively drive pooling synergies and asset utilization through target customer network rebalancing.
  • Ensure that priories are continuously updated and communicated, providing clear guidance for the global network operations teams.
  • Measure CCS forecasting accuracy of all customer networks and drive improvements by providing the required insights to CSMs.
  • In coordination with Planning & Dispo, assist in the rollout of projects concerning CAPEX, asset management and fleet harmonization.
  • Timely escalate issues hindering effective global network stock rebalancing
  • Monitor unserviceable equipment levels and work with planners and CSMs and repair coordinators to drive improvements (repositioning of unserviceable to stations with MRO facilities, local transfer of unserviceable equipment to MRO, returns management, etc.).
  • Ensure standards for data maintenance of substation mapping, CCS, inventory data, etc.) in the system to improve accuracy and transparency.
  • Maintain record of target customer network rebalancing and the respective carriers supported.
  • Develop, implement and update procedures and policies to document SOP of network optimization
  • Support the implementation of new customers adapting to the revised needs of existing customers and achieving the target deadlines seamlessly.
  • Additional duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in aviation technology management or business logistics or transport management
  • Excellent communication skills in English both spoken and written
  • Demonstrated success in a high pressure, dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • Leadership experience preferred
  • Computer literate including Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and SharePoint
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Passion for Customer Service
  • Strong analytical skills and able to maintain accuracy under pressure
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Flexible, agile, adaptable and self-motivated

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