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BTAS รับสมัคร Quality Assurance Auditor ขอ TOEIC 450+

บริษัท BTAS หรือ บริษัทโบซา-ธายานน์ แอร์คราฟท์ เซอร์วิส จำกัด (BOSA-Thayaan Aircraft Service Company, Ltd.) เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Quality Assurance Auditor รับทั้งชายและหญิง อายุไม่เกิน 40 ปี สามารถขับรถยนต์ได้ ขอ TOEIC 450+

Work Location: BKK / Chonburi Bowin / U-Tapao Airport Rayong / Krabi International Airport (flexible work location as scheduled)
Work Hours: Up to 48 hours per week with no more than 12 hours per shift


  • The Quality Assurance Auditor is responsible for monitoring compliance with EASA requirements and company procedures
  • Responsible for assisting with the quality audit program as directed by the Quality Manager and the annual audit plan. Any observed non-compliance or poor standards are brought to the attention of the relevant departmental manager
  • Responsible, during audits, for examination of MOE, standard practices/procedures, ensuring their adequacy regarding Part 145
  • Quality Assurance Auditors may be tasked with the processing/ issuing/renewal/cancellation of authorizations to certifying staff.
  • Assisting with the assessment of suppliers of new and used components and materials, for satisfactory product quality in relation to the needs of the organization when requested by the Quality Manager
  • Assists with the coordination of airworthiness occurrences and initiating any further investigation and follow-up activity
  • When requested by the Quality Manager, has responsibility for the assessment of subcontract organizations working under the Quality System and maintaining the expertise to do so to the satisfaction of EASA
  • Quality Assurance Auditors may assess external specialist services required to be used by the organization in the performance of maintenance when requested by the Quality Manager
  • A Quality Assurance Auditor is required to deputize for the Quality Manager when absent

The Employee upon completion of the probationary period and completion of Company-directed training requirements will be deputized as the Alternate Quality Manager.

The Employee will become familiar with the Company MOE and the requirements of the QM and assist the QM with the fulfillment of those duties as outlined in the MOE and include the following

  • Be responsible for establishing, documenting, developing, and managing the Quality System and for ensuring that it continues to comply with regulatory requirements and to meet the needs of the business.
  • Ensure that all quality-related policies and procedures detailed in the Quality and Company Exposition Manuals are adhered to and carry out an ongoing review of the adequacy and effectiveness of Quality System procedures.
  • Maintain and keep current all Quality Audit and inspection records for review at any time by the Competent Authority and other external bodies as appropriate.
  • Liaise with the Regulatory Authority (CAA) as may be appropriate on matters related to, the Quality System.
  • Establish procedures for dealing with non-conformities, monitoring non-conformity reports, and taking corrective/preventive action in response to audit findings.
  • Notify the Accountable Manager and senior management when Management Review meetings are scheduled and present internal audit reports.
  • Review the Quality Systems of new subcontractors who impact the operation and organise audits of their quality assurance systems.
  • Monitor compliance with and adequacy of procedures to ensure airworthy aircraft at all times via an audit program and that all maintenance is performed in accordance with Approved data.
  • Monitor all contracted maintenance for compliance with contract conditions relevant to airworthiness and that contracted organizations have the relevant Part 145 Approvals and facilities
  • Grant authorization to individuals to certify the Certificate of Release to Service and special authorizations to issue Certificate of Maintenance Review recommendations
  • Grant authorizations to individuals to issue EASA Form 1 for work carried out under the organization’s Part 145 Approval.
  • Coordinate reports of unairworthy conditions.
  • Define the syllabus of training, in conjunction with the Maintenance Manager and the Engineering Training Manager.
  • Ensure the organization holds all appropriate technical publications, specifications, and drawings and that they are amended as required.
  • Establish a Materials Management Inspection section by granting of store inspection authority to suitable individuals.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the Company Exposition / Quality Manual and the negotiation with the CAA regarding any changes required to the documents, or to the Terms of Approval granted by the Authority to the company.
  • Maintain the Company’s RegulatoryApprovals
  • Ensure that all staff who carry out Quality Inspections and Quality audits are adequately trained.
  • Analyze all relevant data and circulate it within the company for information, with recommendations for improvement in quality standards as required.
  • Have overall responsibility for the control of quality records.

Interested candidates are invited to send us your application, quoting the position applied together with a CV stating qualifications, experiences, expected salary, one recent photo, photocopies of the transcript, copy of identification card, resident registration as well to [email protected]


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