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Cathay Pacific รับสมัคร Aircraft Mechanic

สายการบิน Cathay Pacific เปิดรับสมัคร Aircraft Mechanic ที่สนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ สมัครได้ถึง 4 มิถุนายน

Aircraft Mechanic – Role Introduction

To perform operational functions ensuring delivery of a safe and exceptionally reliable travel experience that supports our brand and business whilst meeting all compliance and regulatory requirements.

Key Responsibilities

 Operational Accountabilities

  • Working on a shift basis, perform aircraft maintenance for Cathay Group aircraft and third-party customers (if applicable) under the supervision of the Aircraft Engineer
  • Perform local or overseas operational relief duties or standard duties when required
  • Help to monitor third-party supplier’s performance (technical, ramp services, de-icing, refueling, etc.), follow up and rectify any operational issues in a timely manner
  • Support the contingency plans and ad hoc operational requirements such as diversions, charters, ad hoc aircraft type changes, major disruption recovery, etc.
  • Perform servicing and maintenance for station ground equipment, vehicles, and facilities 
  • Support Cathay Quality Assurance, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and/or third-party audits, follow up and rectify the audit findings within the required timelines as directed
  • Perform station administration and ensure station documentation/passes are up-to-date and valid as directed by the Engineering Manager / Aircraft Engineer.
  • Ensure compliance with local Occupational Health & Safety standards and regulations/guidelines
  • Any other reasonable task as requested including engaging in non-operational duties and projects

Performance Management and Business Process Improvement

  • Ensure that annual SMART goals are understood and actioned
  • Attend performance reviews and discuss career development plan with the designated Direct Appraiser
  • Attend station meetings as required to ensure regular engagement and effective communication
  • Embrace a continuous improvement culture through quality innovation, teamwork, and lean processes to drive operational efficiency, productivity, and commercial improvement                                                                                                                     


  • Emergency and Accident Crisis Response responsibilities as required


Academic Qualifications

  • Vocational and Technical School Education or Bachelor’s degree (related to the aircraft mechanic field)

Knowledge, Skills, Training, and Experience

  • Demonstrably aptitude and understanding of aircraft maintenance operations
  • Have (or be willing to receive) induction training / on-the-job training as required covering but not limited to:
  • Aircraft and Ramp Safety Awareness
  • Company Procedures Awareness training
  • Human Factors Awareness training
  • Other training as requested

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