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Nok Air เปิดรับ Driver คนขับรถผู้บริหาร

งานสายการบิน มาใหม่ สายการบิน Nok Air เปิดรับสมัคร คนขับรถให้ผู้บริหาร Personal Driver to CEO/Executive Level


  • Perform driving service to Executive Level, and any other person as instructed by office
  • To operate assigned vehicle in a safe and courteous manner
  • To keep the assigned vehicle, clean inside & outside
  • Ensure that the vehicle is serviced and well-maintained
  • Reads and interprets maps and driving directions to plan the most efficient route service
  • Follow all safety measures while driving like speed limit, traffic rules, road signs and answering mobile phones
  • To be flexible in working hours
  • Protect Executive level privacy as conversations between Executive level & others are private & confidential
  • Perform duties punctually, honestly, and professionally
  • Collecting & delivering or purchasing goods such as food & parcel
  • Any other duties as and when assigned by the Executive Level


  • Familiar with routes and ability to use navigation apps to plan routes efficiently
  • Nonsmoker, non-alcoholic and non-substance abuse
  • Min 2 years experience as a Personal Driver
  • Thorough understanding of road regulations
  • Clear criminal record
  • Neatly presented and professional manner
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Able to work during evenings and on weekends whenever required
  • Able to start immediately

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