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Nok Air เปิดรับ Ground Attendant Supervisor ที่ดอนเมือง

งานสายการบิน มาใหม่ สายการบิน Nok Air เปิดรับ Ground Attendant Supervisor ทำงานที่ดอนเมือง


  • Having at least 3 year-experience in airline operation both international and domestic, including but not limited to passenger handling, ramp operation, baggage service, ticketing, and reservation.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills both Thai and English
  • Well-groomed outward personality and being role model to team members
  • Ability for shift work (Starting in early morning and finishing late night), including weekend and Public Holiday
  • Good PC user know-how
  • Can-do attitude and open-minded person
  • Strong leadership skill with innovative mindset
  • Having ownership quotient and analytic skill
  • Being detail-oriented
  • Excellent customer service mindset
  • Being able to work independently

Job description

  • Being able to analyze anticipated operational problems such as over booking, adverse weather, delays, cancellation of flights, crew operating hour limitation, etc., with proactive action in related to procedures to minimize disruption to customers
  • Support, coach and develop ground attendant, including other relevant partners to ensure that they are fully briefed/debriefed regarding operational requirements, procedures update and/or service and product implementation
  • Ensure all post flight activity is completed and accurate to protect company revenue and to facilitate further process at end-route stations and destinations.
  • Response to queries, complaints and claims in an efficient and timely manner to restore passenger confidence.
  • Undertake various other functions and other duties as directed from time to time by Duty Manager or Management Team
  • Support ground attendant in all matters related to baggage service and handling
  • Managing ground attendant team, including ticket and reservation to ensure seamless service to customers
  • Assist Station Management Team in conducting staff performance reviews in line with Job evaluation
  • Carry out travel document checks diligently on both international and domestic journey
  • Ensure the flights depart on time with no complaint and full safety and security measures comply
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