Thai Vietjet เปิดรับสมัคร Cabin Crew (walk-in เท่านั้น) Base ภูเก็ต ขอ TOEIC 600+

สายการบิน Thai Vietjet เปิดรับสมัคร Cabin Crew (walk-in เท่านั้น) Base ที่ภูเก็ต ขอ TOEIC 600 คะแนนขึ้นไป

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Domicile in Phuket province or neighboring provinces.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum TOEIC Score of 600 (personal only) or Aptis (English test by British Council) minimum level B2. Two years validity
  • Able to swim 50 meters non-stop without a flotation device
  • Excellent communication skills both in Thai and English
  • Good command of Chinese and Japanese will be an advantage     
  • Medically fit to meet cabin crew requirement
  • Exemption from military service for male
  • No visible tattoo or scar while in uniform (covering by make-up or plaster is prohibited)
  • Dental braces are not permitted.
  • Able to work under pressure and be a good team player
  • No past criminal record

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  1. Doctor Certificate for COVID-19 Pro-ATK (Rapid Antigen Test) within 24 hours before 08.30 a.m. on 9 August 2022
  2. Cabin Crew Application Form คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดาวน์โหลดใบสมัคร
  3. 1 Passport Size Business Attire Photo
  4. 1 Full-Length Casual Photo
  5. English Resume
  6. Transcript or Certificate of Expected Graduation (ใบรับรองว่าจะจบการศึกษา)
  7. Identification Card
  8. House Registration Certificate
  9. Passport (Valid not less than 6 Months)
  10. Minimum TOEIC Score of 600 (personal only, valid 2 years at the interview date) or Aptis (English test by British Council) level 2
  11. Exemption of Military Service Certificate (for males)
  12. Crew ID or Employment Letter from the Previous or Current Airlines (for Experienced Crew Only)
  13. HSK Chinese Language Level 4 and above or Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N4 and above (if applicable)


  • Please strictly arrange all the documents in order 1-13 as mentioned above.
  • Original documents will be checked on the day and the copies are required for submission

** If any required documents are missing, the application will be considered a failed application **

รู้ไหม? Cabin Crew, Flight Attendant, Air Hostess ต่างกันยังไง?
รู้ไหม? Cabin Crew, Flight Attendant, Air Hostess ต่างกันยังไง?

Walk-in Recruitment details

Date: 9 August 2022
Time: 8.30–11.00 a.m.
Venue: To be announced
Morning Process

  • Submitting application form and all documents
  • BMI check
  • Pre-screening/catwalk

Afternoon Process

  • Talent show (only 1-minute performing)
15 Aug 2022Online Final Interview

Dress Code

  • Female: Short Sleeve Blouse, Above Knee Level Skirt, Skin Color Stockings, Full Make-up, and Lose Hairstyle
  • Male: Business Attire with Short Sleeve Shirt and Short Hairstyle


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