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Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Licensed Flight Dispatcher & Assistant Flight Dispatcher


License Flight Dispatcher

• Assist the PIC in flight preparation and provide the relevant information required (weather information, NOTAMs, etc.);
• Prepare an Operational Flight Plan (OFP) for the approval of the PIC, if it is necessary;
• Prepare the ATS flight plan, sign when applicable and file it with the appropriate ATC unit, if necessary;
• Monitor the progress of each flight and furnish the PIC while in flight, by appropriate means, with information which may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight;
• Cancel or re-dispatch a flight if, in his opinion or the opinion of the PIC, the flight cannot operate or continue to operate safely as planned;
• To arrange for charter flights in the time of its responsibility for operation (72 hours), and;
• Issue necessary instruction and information for the safety of the flight and in the event of an emergency, initiate such procedures as outlined in the Company Emergency Manual (EM).

Qualification Requirements

• Bachelor Degree in any field
• Hold Flight Dispatcher License,
• Good command of written and spoken English;
• Have a good network relationship in the aviation industry;
• Excellent leadership and interpersonal skill to inspire, motivate self and others to perform well;
• Strong skill in verbal and written communication, project planning, problem-solving and coaching

Assistant Flight Dispatcher

• Assist Senior Flight Dispatcher and Flight Dispatcher in preparation of flight briefing documentation and provide the relevant information.
• Carry out all concerned duties regarding Quality, Safety, and Security required by the company
• Transmit aircraft movement message for company and customer airline’s flight.
• Record essential statistical data of flight operations in the dispatch log.
• Check and ensure that all working equipment, communications and IT system within the workplace are functional
• File the ATS flight plan for company and customer airline’s flight.
• If required, furnish the PIC with appropriate information necessary for the safe conduct of flight under supervision of flight dispatcher
• Monitor aircraft status reported from flight deck crews and mechanic, and follow up the progress of maintenance actions.
• Monitor in-coming Telex message.
• Monitor the progress of each flight together with assisting PIC and flight dispatcher to support the necessary information for the safe conduct of flight
• Record data and required information in LEON system. Distribute fuel requirements to Load control and Engineering team.
• Maintain and monitor VHF and other communication facilities.
• Coordinate with Airport Authority to arrange the aircraft parking location and acknowledge all concern department.
• Acknowledge fuel supplier about operating aircraft parking bay fir effective fuel serving.
• Record useful statistical data for future system developments
• Collect and archive necessary documents and data concerning flights into storage.
• Perform any tasks assigned by superior.

Qualification Requirements

• Bachelor Degree in any field
• Have strong communication, including writing proficiency in English and interpersonal skills,
• Computer literacy with MS Office applications
• Leadership, communication, interpersonal skills
• Good records of performance

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