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Cathay Pacific เปิดรับ Direct Sales Officer ทำงานที่ปทุมวัน

งานสายการบิน มาใหม่ สายการบิน Cathay Pacific เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Direct Sales Officer ทำงานที่ปทุมวัน

Main Purpose of The Job

  • To help in making Cathay Pacific the best airline by constantly striving for excellence, delivering good results, demonstrating a can-do spirit, and extending service straight from the heart.
  • To deliver excellent customer service by achieving target service levels, both in call handling and over-the-counter transactions, in handling direct customers.
  • To achieve and surpass annual revenue targets for direct sales and ancillary revenue by capturing and closing all sales opportunities
  • Actively support and contribute to achieving all team goals for the department.
  • Encourage and maintain loyal clients by providing adequate after-sales service.
  • Must be responsible to obtain explicit knowledge of CX products and services. 

Key Responsibility

  • To work as a team in meeting the service level and sales target. 
  • To actively promote CX products, up-selling customers to secure higher yield and capture sales opportunities. 
  • To actively recruit passengers to join our Asia Miles and Marco Polo Club Program and to strengthen customer relationships.
  • To actively promote the appropriate CX e-products to encourage self-service and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • To assist direct customers in travel plans and ticketing matters.
  • Respond to inquiries and assist customers in a courteous and professional manner at all times.
  • To actively participate in continuous improvement projects.

Process and Procedure of Direct Sales Operations

Telephone Sales

  • Equip oneself with each promotion details, the line to take, and key pitching messages which are provided by AM Direct Sales to call in target customers.
  • Perform up-sell pitching to all potential call-in customers to achieve up-sell targets.
  • Follow promotion guidelines and steps to achieve sales and Asia Miles recruitment

Telephone Service

  • Does the proper telephone greeting when ending a call and demonstrates good customer service by going the extra mile and SSFTH
  • Expected to log in at least 7.5 hrs per day (on regular work days) and do a minimum of an average of 10 calls per hour.
  • Handle inquiries for both Cathay Pacific and Dragonair passengers.
  • Serve online passengers who need offline assistance and find an opportunity to close sales quickly.
  • Create new flight and handles booking modification and cancellations
  • Handles the special services requirements of passengers such as ASR, WCHR, SPML, etc. Counter Duty:
  • Assists walk-in passengers with their transactions (issuance of new tickets, upselling, re-issuance, refunds, etc)
  • Log-in telephone call service throughout working hours. To “make busy” the phone when serving walk-in passengers or travel agents. Handles travel agent’s transactions that require ticketing transactions
  • Compute for itineraries other than those covered by the net sheets
  • Accepts payments for tickets and packages purchased through CX
  • Handles re-issuance from passengers. Receive reissue cases from indoor sales to collect payment in case of travel agents.
  • ID ticket issuance for sponsorship and barter tickets. Back office duties (Q duty + Telephone call service)
  • Actions OP, TL, and other assigned queues
  • Log-in telephone call service throughout working hours. To “make busy” the phone when handling Q
  • Does telephone sales call-out from the assigned database by AM Direct Sales
  • Handles requests from other Departments (input OSI, authority, ASR, etc)
  • Actions Queues on dupe check and schedule change
  • Handles flight protection during flight disruption and cancellation Other Responsibilities (To be assigned on an ad-hoc basis)
  • Act as trainers for other CX staff
  • Does the passenger call out to inform of flight delays, protection, and cancellation
  • Admin in charge (FMIS, Roster, Supplies), assist LAN Coordinator or DS Email handler.
  • Act as a support staff to other departments during times of crisis and emergency.
  • Does the investigation for no show and fictitious bookings
  • Any other functions that will help the Direct Sales Team’s operational requirements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Strong command of spoken and written English
  • Demonstrable passion for excellent customer service in line with the Life Well Travelled brand promise emphasizing great communication, listening and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent telephone manner
  • Travel Industry experience and knowledge of Global Distribution System (GDS), preferably Amadeus is an advantage
  • Good PC literacy skills in Word, Excel, and Internet browsing
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