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Cathay Pacific เปิดรับ Engineering Manager

งานสายการบิน มาใหม่ สายการบิน Cathay Pacific เปิดรับสมัครตำแหน่ง Engineering Manager ทำงานที่สุวรรณภูมิ

Role Introduction

  • To manage the engineering and ramp operational duty holder functions across the allocated station(s) ensuring delivery of a safe and exceptionally reliable travel experience that supports our brand and business.
  • To drive the highest levels of safety, compliance and service delivery by stringent oversight and management of third-party suppliers including responsibility for the Engineering budget, safety and operational performance across the allocated station(s).
  • To execute the Company’s priorities, Line Maintenance’s global strategy aligned with the region’s specific focus to deliver operational excellence and productivity improvements.

Key Responsibilities

Operational Accountabilities

  • Manage routine and non-routine maintenance for Cathay Group aircraft in accordance with all HKAR-145 and company requirements
  • Manage routine and non-routine maintenance for third-party customer aircraft (if applicable) in accordance with the appropriate national authority and customer requirements
  • Working on a shift basis, take responsibility for the management of an engineering team to deliver operational excellence
  • Directly supervise and certify aircraft maintenance
  • Perform local or overseas operational relief duties when required by the Company
  • Manage and oversee third-party supplier performance (technical, ramp services, de-icing, refueling, etc.) as the Operational Duty Holder
  • Ensure that Cathay and third-party supplier labor (including the controlled third-party mechanics) are trained, qualified and authorized on all aircraft types operating at the station
  • Manage station administration and ensure station documentation/passes are up-to-date and valid
  • Be accountable for compliance with local Occupational Health & Safety standards and regulations/guidelines

Any other reasonable task as requested including engaging in non-operational duties and projects

Business Accountabilities

  • Review and implement local strategies to achieve effective, optimum planning and utilization of station resources including people, equipment, facilities, and aircraft spares
  • Be accountable and responsible for meeting station productivity, costs, revenue, and operating budget targets

People Development, Performance Management, and Manpower Accountabilities

  • Lead, support and encourage own team to achieve success
  • Build a strong and motivated team, ensuring the right people are in place to foster positive team spirit and facilitate teamwork
  • Demonstrate leadership and lead by example in accordance with Cathay’s core values
  • Develop employees with high potential and identify learning opportunities to ensure appropriate training and development and execute succession plans
  • Ensure that the necessary technical and management training is provided to enable employees to perform their allocated functions including providing local refresher training as required
  • Maintain active and ongoing dialogue in relation to employee goals and individual performance
  • Actively engage with employees to enhance communication and their understanding of department goals
  • Enhance the employee experience in line with the role level and the internal brand promise


  • Emergency and Accident Crisis Response responsibilities as required


Academic Qualifications

  • HKAR-66 B1 or B2 license, or any equivalent license acceptable in HKAR-2
  • Minimum of 2 current aircraft type authorizations, preferably on the type operated by Cathay and level 3 trained

Knowledge, Skills, Training, and Experience

  • Minimum 10 years of experience in an aircraft maintenance environment
  • Minimum 3 years of practical experience working as a certifying Engineer or Engineering Supervisor
  • Demonstrable operational knowledge of aircraft maintenance and ground-handling activities
  • Working knowledge of Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department airworthiness regulations
  • Demonstrable ability in management and understanding of business change process
  • Proven capability in cost control and budgeting

Previous experience in managing a team is an advantage!

For more information, please visit Cathay Pacific

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