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STARLUX Airlines รับสมัคร Senior Finance

STARLUX Airlines is the new comer luxury airlines full service from Taiwan and will operates flight BKK-TPE on December 1, 2020 onwards.

สายการบิน STARLUX Airlines รับสมัครตำแหน่ง Senior Finance ทำงานที่ AIA Sathorn Tower (BTS ช่องนนทรี ตึกเชื่อมกับ BTS ศึกษาวิทยา ในอนาคต)


  • Bookkeeping, Working capital closing monthly; coordinating with the external accounting firm.
  • Weekly forecasting and prepare each half-year budget.
  • Plan and execute the required payments to vendors.
  • Authorize payments and control bank balance.
  • Control budget usage and office expenditure.
  • Assist with office management, HR & administration duties.
  • Complete other tasks as per manager’s request (e.g. project-specific analysis and business plan preparation).


  • Understand basic accounting processes, principles, and financial reporting.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office software.
  • Possess the legal right to work in Thailand.


  • Knowledge in SAP systems is a plus.


  • Bachelor’s degree and above in finance, accounting, or business administration.

Work Experience

  • Travel industry experience a plus.

เวลาทำงาน: 08.30-17.30 น.

สนใจส่ง CV มาได้ที่อีเมลล์ [email protected]


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